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Laura Holley originally started piercing back in 2013 and continues to keep a good reputation of professionalism, cleanliness with a kind, safe, informative and supportive approach to piercing that's hard to match.


She was trained by a reputable piercing training business with many years of experience and continues to be in high demand with customers visiting from all over the country and from abroad.

In addition to this, Laura adheres to a strict set of rules when piercing. Including using the correct size needles for the ​job, the correct size and type of jewellery and the correct position for each piercing by measuring using a Vernier. All this is based on widely agreed upon information throughout the piercing industry.  We have our own set of rules for age restrictions as there are no set laws in the U.K., except for genital piercings. Our guide can be found HERE.



We are also all about cleanliness and sterilization. All of our piercing needles are of the highest quality available and come straight from a pre-sterilised single packet. These are discarded into a sharps bin that is collected and destroyed safely by a fully licensed waste management company. All equipment used is pre-sterilised in a heated ultra-sonic cleaner, then placed into pouches and sterilised in a vacuum auto-clave adhering to regulations set by government standards. 


The whole studio is cleaned daily using anti bacterial spray and distel (a strong cleaning fluid.) The couch, chair, equipment trolley and work station is cleaned thoroughly between each customer.

visiting us


When visiting Raven's Cave you will be greeted by Laura at our front desk. Then Laura will call you in for your piercing.  Laura is known for her warm and friendly personality along with her professionalism and helpfulness.  She will talk through with you about the piercing you want and take her time to make sure you are happy before proceeding. She will answer all your questions and give any advice needed.  



When you leave you will be given our unique after care guide that, if you follow correctly, will help you maintain a healthy piercing. Laura is always available for any more advice or questions you may have and you can contact her anytime through phone, text, facebook, google or on this website.

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