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could a daith piercing cure your migraines?

There has been a lot of press reports regarding Daith piercings curing peoples migraines. We can’t say if this is a fact, but we can say that we have pierced some customers that wanted to try it and it has worked for them. That’s pretty amazing right?


Our photos below show just how awesome the Daith piercing looks, and if it gets rid of your migraines then that’s a huge bonus!


Here’s a link to a news article on the subject:

one of our customers talks about her experience:

Since early childhood I have suffered from  regular migraines sometimes being so bad that I just have to sleep in a dark room, as light would hurt my eyes and I would often be sick with them resulting in me having to have time off work. Searching the internet I came across people that had their Daith pierced and had said that their headaches had stopped. Hearing this I thought that It had to be worth a try. I got in touch with Laura Holley at Raven’s Cave piercing studio to arrange for me to have my daith pierced. Laura was very helpful and answered all my  questions. Although I am still only in early days of having my Daith pierced I have not had one headache and I am one happy customer.  NIKKI.

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