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skin divers & anchors

skin divers

A skin diver is a type of surface piercing.  It's done with a biopsy puch or blade needle.  Personally and professionally I prefer the biopsy punch.  This creates a small hole in the skin and removes a small piece of skin. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds! Once the skin is removed, the jewellery is inserted.  You must wear the dressing for five days. This gives the skin a chance to heal around the skin diver base - if you remove it early you risk losing your piercing. You can't change these once they are in. 

dermal anchors

It's a similar process to the skin diver. Once the jewellery is in, you need to leave the dressing on for 5 days. With an anchor you can change the tops after 3 months. To remove, you must go to your body piercer.

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