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stretching guide

This is our guide to stretching your ear. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems you need to discuss. 

1.first of all.....

wash your hands!

your first stretch should be:

1.2mm or 1.6mm.



massage a small amount of lubricant onto your earlobe.

we recommend:

savlon healing gel,
jojoba oil or


3.taper and jewellery


slowly insert the taper into your pierced lobe.

this should not hurt!

then align the jewellery with the large end of the taper and push through until the jewellery is in place.


4.time for some patience!


Wait for 2 - 4 weeks before using the next taper in the set. you can judge for yourself if it feels comfortable to continue.

repeat until you are happy with the size you have recieved.




there should be no tears or damage, no bleeding or significant pain. 

any problems and you should go back down a size and wait a while longer.

if there are no issues after 2 weeks you can change the jewellery if you want to.

6.more issues


extreme swelling, redness or itching maybe signs of an infection.

check with your nearest piercer and see a doctor if it persists.



keep it clean!

if you don't regulary clean your ear, it will end up being smelly.

we recommend using a product called 'smelly jelly'. this will keep it healthy, clean and reduce any redness or itching - also stops the stink!




do not use ​the following on or near your ear:

rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
savlon cream
lavender oil
tea tree oil
surgical spirit

They can slow the healing by drying and killing new healthy skin cells and cause irritaion to the area.


some people can react with certain materials more that others, so experiment!

nickel is the most common material that people have a reaction to. other materials available are: 

plastic, silicone, acrylic and wood.

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