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what to expect from your local studio

This is a guide to our age restrictions. Your local piercing studio may have a different policy. There are no laws in the U.K. that state age restrictions for piercings, except for nipples and genital piercings.



Make sure all the tools used are in single sterilising pouches. On the back of these is an indicator. When it's pink (or another colour) they have not been sterilised. If they are brown and sealed this means they are all ready to use. Tell the piercer if you think it's not come from a wrapped individual pouch.



The studio must be clean, All surfaces must be wiped down before and after every customer. The trolley must be thoroughly cleaned & the floor. The piercer must wash their hands before and after every piercing & wear gloves at all times during the process of having the piercing done.

measuring and marking up


We use measurements for placement of most piercings which are generally agreed upon by all good piercers. A Vernier should be used for this. If your piercer doesn’t measure first, ask them to.

needles and biopsy punches


All needles are disposable. Every needle should come straight out of the packet in front of you and go straight in the sharps bin after use.


When using a biopsy punch for skin divers and dermal anchors, they should only be used once. Make sure you see it being removed from a packet.


Ask around to find out about your local studio and peoples experiences with your chosen piercer. Also check out their facebook page and/or website for reviews, comments and pictures of their work.

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Ask your piercer how long they have been piercing and what training they have had.  Everyone has to start somewhere, but you should be made aware if your piercer isn’t experienced. 

basic procedure


We adhere to certain piercing procedures for each type of piercing. For example:

Lobe Piercings:

· Use Triangular Clamps

· 1.2 or 1.6 Needle

· 7mm or 10mm Labret

· Mark while customer is sitting

· Apply ethyl chloride

  with a paper towel

· Pierce while sitting

· Pierce front to back

· Avoid head



This means that the piercer has been checked out by the local council and has been Licensed to pierce on the premises. This will have the name of the piercer, name of the studio & address of the studio, If you can't see it, Ask to.

If you have any doubts when having a piercing just ask. Your piercer should be more than happy to help you with any questions. If they aren't then you should look for another studio until you find one you are happy with. 

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